Open eTwinning


  • How different bonds are formed.
  • Properties of different bonds.
  • Properties of substances and elements.
  • The environment care.
ACTIVITY: Studiing compounds
In this activity we can involve different students from several countries, working in collaborative groups of four students with the roles of coordinator, secretary, spokesman, supervisor and includes several steps:
  1. To know each other. First, we make teams of four students and make a live presentation to another team of other school.(Teams are choosed from previous activity: My Element, which fits chemistry compounds)
  2. Teams have to use e-mail to decide which chemistry compound they decide to study about. 
  3. Google documents. The teams use google drive to gather information about properties, industry production and environment problems about it with their solutions.
  4. Final product. Teams create a web page in the common blog of the project embbeding a CoSpaces presentation (this is a Virtual Reality presentation).
  5. Every team comments results of other teams in the blog.



We. continue with the course of e-twinning, in this case, we start with the draft of our project.
These are the main issues about it:


All along this path about etwinning and thoughts about what to improve in my teaching I doubt about my needs. However, I think the organization of documents and resources and the use of teaching apps it is very important for improving a STEM project.
I usually make different projects along the course but I think there is a final step to develop them properly, to show them to the rest of the community teachers.
There are a lot of software we can use in the classroom, too much, and it is necessary to organize the project and resources in a proper way.
On the other hand, all of my projects are made on my own, I mean, without having the need of other teachers. So here is another way to improve my projects, to give another different look to them through the point of view of other teachers.
One of the problems I find is to have the time to develop a project in a proper way. The contents and competences it is necessary to teach are too much in the time given to our pupils.

Some of the projects I went along where: Triple AAA - ALL ABOUT APPLES, Pollution! Find a STEM solution! and
They share different interests from teachers and students from several countries.

Let´s take some breath to step up!


I start this new course "Open eTwinning" of the INTEF to share experiencies with other teachers and learn from them, create new projects in which my students achieve the most insteresting learning as possible, communicate with other students and share their knowledge.

My presentation in which I explore my aims and interests about this new course of the Intef: Open eTwinning.

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